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Quote of the Week

July has arrived
with humid monsoon

Be sure to care
for your plants before noon

Brief summer showers
are merely a blessing

Continue to deep water
prevent plants from stressing



This Week at Green Things!

Featured Plant of the Week:

Firecracker Bush (Hamelia Patens)

-Fiery blooms on hot foliage explode all Summer long.

-Perennial shrub to 3-4′ tall & 4-6′ wide.


Hamelia Patens shown in our blue pottery (on sale for 30% off!)

New products:

A porous clay irrigation vessel made for effortless home garden irrigation. 


Gift Items:

Rain Gauge
Measure your monsoons with these wall mount Rain Gauges.


What’s on Sale?

5 gallon shrubs only $9.99, regularly $19.99

  • Trailing Indigo Bush
  • Golden Dalea
  • Compact Myrtle
  • Butterfly Bush
  • Dwarf Ruellia
  • Gregg’s Mist Flower
  • Dwarf Oleander



A praying mantis atop the Gregg’s Mist Flower.

Homegrown Tomatoes only 99 cents!

Seasonal Tip

Feed plants to take advantage of increased humidity and lower temps of monsoon. Use organic fertilizers to maximize soil fertility. Remember, always feed to a wet root system. Water deeply, then feed, then water in thoroughly. Try to take advantage of rain at your house!


Barbara’s Botanical Blog, June 2015

Barbara’s Botanical Blog…Where Gardening Ideas Are Always in Bloom!

June, 2015

Summer Time is Happenin’ Time Here at Green Things.

A few lizards may like to snooze under a rock during our triple digit days, but things are hopping at GT!

Green Things University…Where Tuition is Always Free!

We’re offering a variety of classes, some with great gardening information, others DIY projects.

Where:  Right here at Green Things, either in the cooled green house or on a shaded atrium.

Time:  l0:00 a.m.

When:  Every Saturday throughout the summer.

Subjects:  Posted every week on our Facebook page.  Instructors all work here and have expertise in various areas of gardening.  For instance:

Saturday, June 27 at l0:00 a.m.  We’re offering a class in cactus container gardening.  You’ll learn how to arrange heat and sun hardy cactus creatively in different styles of containers.

Charge for materials.  For more information, give us a call at 299-9471.

Sizzling Summer Plant Sale!

Perk up your patio and light up your lawn at prices that will be like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day.

Continuing through the summer, we’re offering great deals on shrubs, plants and flowers, such as

*5-gallon landscape shrubs including salvia greggii, dwarf ruella, dwarf oleander, cape honeysuckle, plumbago and more from $9.99.  Regular starting price:  $l9.99.

*l-gallon shrubs, including Gregg’s mist plant, white gaura, salvia faranacea, carnation, iberis and more starting @$1.99.  Regular price starting @$5.99.

*Blue salvia and dianthus in 4-inch pots @ 75cents.  Regular $1.49.

*Many more.

All are perfect for planting now and with proper watering will thrive under the Tucson summer sun.

Green Things Has Expanded for your Shopping Pleasure

To our lush, expansive terrain, we’ve added two acres of inventory, filled with a variety of gardening goodies including:

*summer annuals

*Pottery from Vietnam, Italy and China

*More and larger landscape trees such as:  mesquite, palo verde, acacia & magnolia in sizes up to 36 inch box

Come by in the early a.m. (we open at 7:00 a.m. weekdays, 8:30 a.m. on Saturday and 9:00 a.m. on Sunday) and take a stroll around.  You’ll find some delightful ways to make your summer shine.  We’re open until 5:00 p.m.  seven days a week

Keep Calm and Garden On!

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Barbara Russek, editor of the Green Things Newsletter is a local freelance writer.  She welcomes comments at Babette2@comcast.net

Mothers Day


Barbara’s Botanical Blog…Where Gardening Ideas Are Always in Bloom!

By Barbara Russek

May, 2015

Delight Mom on Her Special Day and for Many Days to Come!

Celebrate your gardening mom or another great gardening lady on Mother’s Day, May l4, with gifts from Green Things, including:

*Fairy Garden-You (or one of our professionally trained staff) create a garden from succulents and other     plants (even flowering!) to your specs.  All sizes, styles and price ranges, starting at $25.00

*Imagine a Fruit Tree, Ornamental Tree, even a Shrub, gift wrapped in burlap with a festive bow, starting at $30.00 for a 5-gallon container.

*How about a Collection of Pretty Little Pots, that have an initial or your personal message written in chalkboard paintEach pot is filled with herbs or other plants to your specs.  $8 per pot, including plant and initial/saying of your choice.

*Create a Gardener’s Gift Basket, with your basket/pot or our basket/pot/container.  Have fun putting together a unique gift from our extensive inventory of basket “goodies,” including trowels, seed packets, gardening gloves, even a bottle of raw, organic honey.  All come gift wrapped with tissue and a pretty bow.

Gift Idea for Mom:  Pet Rocks that Rock!

We have premade rocks that vary from 4-6 inches long.  They’re hand painted here with preprinted herb and gardening quotes.  Or—let your creative juices flow and tell us what color to paint one (or more) and what saying you want on each one.  24 hours notice, please.  With proper petting, pet rocks should last indefinitely!

When Working Outside, Gardeners Should Wear All the Below:

Breathable, long sleeved, light colored shirt…..sunglasses…sunscreen…gardening gloves + ??????

What’s missing?  You guessed it:  a protective hat.

At Green Things we have a selection of both men’s and women’s hats, many with broad brims, in Scala and other brand names.

Now you’re ready to start gardening with “hattitude!”

FYI:  Gardening School at Green Things

When:  Saturday, May 9

Time:  l0-11 a.m.

Subject:  Seasonal Information, Specifics TBA

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness.  If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love…Stevie Wonder


Barbara Russek is a local freelance writer who loves plants and flowers.  She welcomes comments at Babette2@comcast.net


New Spring Flowers

Barbara’s Botanical Blog…Where Gardening Ideas Are Always in Bloom!

By Barbara Russek

March, 2015

Our new spring flowers will dazzle you with more color than a kaleidoscope!

Planting Season is About to Begin!  For your planting pleasure, we now have:

*Spring Veggies, including:

Tomatoes, peppers, squash and much more in 4-inch pots @$2.99 each

*Spring Flowers, including:

Cosmos, salvia, marigolds, vinca and more in 4-inch pots @ $1.49 or flats of l6 plants @$20.00 per flat

*Flowering Desert Perennials, including:

Black foot daisies, angelita daisies, gaura, buddleia, salvia greggii and much more @$5.99 per one-gallon plant

*Ornamental Pots of Color, including:

Geraniums in red, white, pink, etc. @ $5.99 per one-gallon container or $14.99 per 3-gallon container

Hydrangeas in blue, pink and white @$7.99 per 6-inch pot

Cyclamen  in red, white pink, purple @$5.99 per 4-inch pot

Vietnamese Glazed Pottery Will Enhance Your Spring Planting

And Planting Budget!

Two more semi-truckloads of Vietnamese glazed pottery are set to arrive at Green Things in mid-late March.

These indoor/outdoor beauties come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors all at 30-50% off, starting @ $3.99.

Sale          Sale          Sale          Sale          Sale          Sale          Sale           Sale          Sale          Sale          Sale

Add to your Spring Break with a Price Break at Green Things on cool season annuals in great condition at 50% off!

Mix and Match:

Petunias, pansies, snapdragons, alyssum, calendula, poppies and much more @75 cents per 4-inch pot (reg. $1.50) or $l2.00 for a flat of l6 4-inch pots, (reg. $24.00)

Hanging Baskets:

Will add a bright pop of color to any outdoor space.  $9.99, (reg. $14.99-$24.99)


Join us at Green Things Gardening School, Where Tuition is Free!

2nd Saturday of each month from l0:00-ll:00 a.m.


March l4-Butterflies & hummingbirds

Future classes to be announced

Special series of classes conducted by Jared R. McKinley well known local botanist with expertise in Sonoran desert horticulture, all at l0: a.m.


March 21-Experimenting with heirloom veggies

April 4-Learning the growing season for edible plants


Spring is Nature’s Way of Saying, “Let’s party!”….Robin Williams

(please add picture)Barbara Russek is a local freelance writer who loves plants and flowers.  She welcomes your comments@Babette2@comcast.net

Pottery 30-50% Off!!!



Plus Fountains, Garden Art, Bird Baths and more!!! Vietnamese, Terra Cotta and Tecate NOW 30% to 50% off retail pricing!!

Beautiful colors, styles, sizes, designs!! Huge pots to small pots perfect for table top!!!

Includes orchid pots, strawberry pots, urns, low bowls, square, rectangle, vaso and much, much more, up to 56″ tall!! 

See us on Facebook and LIKE us to get information on Sales, Specials and Seasonal Planting Tips.

Spring Time

Spring is just around the corner. The average day of last frost in Tucson is March 15Th. It looks like we still might have one or two frosts this year. There are two storm systems coming this way with rain. If it only gets to the low 60s F for high temperature, it might get down to the low 30s F that night. This will depend on whether the clouds leave or not and what time they leave. If the clouds are gone by the afternoon on a cool day and there is no wind that night, conditions will be right for a frost.

Right now gardeners are getting ready for a big spring planting. You can still plant cool season annual flowers and vegetables through March. Warm season annuals can be planted after last frost along with warm season vegetables. If there is no cold weather in the seven day forecast by March 15th, its probably a good bet that we won’t have any more frosts late because off the warm weather we have been having. There are no guarantees, but at a certain time common sense has to prevail. Among the warm season annuals are Marigolds, Periwinkle (Vinca), Portulaca, Moss Rose, Golden Fleece, Gomphrena, Sunflowers, Salvias, Lureopsis, Gaillardia, Monarda,  and Cosmos. Vegetables include Corn, Beans, Melons, Cucumbers, Squash, Zucchini, Okra, Tomatoes, Peppers, and Eggplant, Corn, Beans, and Okra should be grown by sowing seeds directly into the ground.

All others can be planted from transplants. It is a good idea to prepare the soil with amendments and compost a couple of weeks ahead of planting.  Another suggestion in vegetable gardens is to plant a few plants that draw bees to the garden to insure good pollination. Porthlaca and Moss Rose are good attracters of Bees. Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant, Melons, Squash, and Cucumbers require pollinators to produce fruit, Vegetable garden should be watered daily and should be in full sun. Check seed packs for harvest times. A note: Summer and Winter squash are planted at the same time (usually before July), the difference is that summer squash are harvested in Summer, Winter squash in Fall or Winter.

Love is in the Air!

Barbara’s Botanical Blog…Where Great Gardening Ideas Are Always in Bloom!

February, 2015

Love Is In the Air at Green Things

We would love to help you Create a Memorable Valentine’s Day Gift for, Saturday, February l4!

Your love is forever.  Show how much you’ll always care.  A  Valentine flowering gift basket or bowl for that special someone should last indefinitely, with careful tending.  All valentine arrangements have a touch of red for the occasion.  To give a few examples:

*Honey, Bee my Valentine bowl.  A jar of raw, local, organic honey, surrounded by colorful plants and foliage, such as ferns, hydrangeas, peace lilies etc.  $24.99 and up

*Hydrangea Combos:  $l5.99 and up

*Succulent Combos:  $9.99 and up

*Foliage Combos:  $9.99 and up

We’ll even include a card on a stick appropriate for this special day.

Want us to create your original Valentine basket or bowl to your specs?  No problem!  Please give us 24 hours advance notice.

Say “Hi” to Our New Shipment of Hydrangeas

Winter crop just arrived.  Available now through Mother’s Day.  Six inch pots @$12.99


Extra…Extra….Read All About Our New Enclosed Winter Green House

To realize our dream of offering you l2 months a year of growing and gardening, we have enclosed our winter green house, so that plants which go dormant during the winter can be available year round.

Come visit our selection of Amazing Technicolor Dream Plants in our new enclosed winter green house, including:

*Bougainvillea     *Lantana     *Plumbago     *Succulents     *Patio Cactus    *Aloe Varieties     *Many More Blooming Desert Shrubs

All the above available in containers of one through l5 gallons are ready for planting.

Our enclosed winter green house also features hanging flower basket combos of annuals and perennials.

Care for as usual.  Our green house is not heated, so plants should easily adapt to your individual outdoor space.

“All gardening is landscape painting,” said Alexander Pope.

–Rebecca Solnit

Barbara Russek, editor of Barbara’s Botanical Blog, is a freelance writer.  She welcomes comments at Babette2@comcast.net