Desert Trees

When people come to Green Things looking for trees, they have a preconceived idea of the tree they are looking for it must be green all year, must not drop any leaves or flowers or seeds. It must not use any or little water, and it must not require any maintenance. This might sound absurd, but it happens all the time. 

How messy a tree is in the tolerance for leaves dropping down by its owner. All trees drop all their leaves. In fact, there are few plants except cacti that don’t shed their leaves at least once a year. In some cases a deciduous tree could be considered to be less messy than an evergreen if a pool is involved. 

Place plant away from patio, walls buildings, etc or any other place that will restrict root growth or ruin any structure. Hole should be at least twice the diameter of planting container and at least 50% deeper. The bigger it is the better.