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Love is in the Air!

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February, 2015

Love Is In the Air at Green Things

We would love to help you Create a Memorable Valentine’s Day Gift for, Saturday, February l4!

Your love is forever.  Show how much you’ll always care.  A  Valentine flowering gift basket or bowl for that special someone should last indefinitely, with careful tending.  All valentine arrangements have a touch of red for the occasion.  To give a few examples:

*Honey, Bee my Valentine bowl.  A jar of raw, local, organic honey, surrounded by colorful plants and foliage, such as ferns, hydrangeas, peace lilies etc.  $24.99 and up

*Hydrangea Combos:  $l5.99 and up

*Succulent Combos:  $9.99 and up

*Foliage Combos:  $9.99 and up

We’ll even include a card on a stick appropriate for this special day.

Want us to create your original Valentine basket or bowl to your specs?  No problem!  Please give us 24 hours advance notice.

Say “Hi” to Our New Shipment of Hydrangeas

Winter crop just arrived.  Available now through Mother’s Day.  Six inch pots @$12.99


Extra…Extra….Read All About Our New Enclosed Winter Green House

To realize our dream of offering you l2 months a year of growing and gardening, we have enclosed our winter green house, so that plants which go dormant during the winter can be available year round.

Come visit our selection of Amazing Technicolor Dream Plants in our new enclosed winter green house, including:

*Bougainvillea     *Lantana     *Plumbago     *Succulents     *Patio Cactus    *Aloe Varieties     *Many More Blooming Desert Shrubs

All the above available in containers of one through l5 gallons are ready for planting.

Our enclosed winter green house also features hanging flower basket combos of annuals and perennials.

Care for as usual.  Our green house is not heated, so plants should easily adapt to your individual outdoor space.

“All gardening is landscape painting,” said Alexander Pope.

–Rebecca Solnit

Barbara Russek, editor of Barbara’s Botanical Blog, is a freelance writer.  She welcomes comments at Babette2@comcast.net