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Mothers Day


Barbara’s Botanical Blog…Where Gardening Ideas Are Always in Bloom!

By Barbara Russek

May, 2015

Delight Mom on Her Special Day and for Many Days to Come!

Celebrate your gardening mom or another great gardening lady on Mother’s Day, May l4, with gifts from Green Things, including:

*Fairy Garden-You (or one of our professionally trained staff) create a garden from succulents and other     plants (even flowering!) to your specs.  All sizes, styles and price ranges, starting at $25.00

*Imagine a Fruit Tree, Ornamental Tree, even a Shrub, gift wrapped in burlap with a festive bow, starting at $30.00 for a 5-gallon container.

*How about a Collection of Pretty Little Pots, that have an initial or your personal message written in chalkboard paintEach pot is filled with herbs or other plants to your specs.  $8 per pot, including plant and initial/saying of your choice.

*Create a Gardener’s Gift Basket, with your basket/pot or our basket/pot/container.  Have fun putting together a unique gift from our extensive inventory of basket “goodies,” including trowels, seed packets, gardening gloves, even a bottle of raw, organic honey.  All come gift wrapped with tissue and a pretty bow.

Gift Idea for Mom:  Pet Rocks that Rock!

We have premade rocks that vary from 4-6 inches long.  They’re hand painted here with preprinted herb and gardening quotes.  Or—let your creative juices flow and tell us what color to paint one (or more) and what saying you want on each one.  24 hours notice, please.  With proper petting, pet rocks should last indefinitely!

When Working Outside, Gardeners Should Wear All the Below:

Breathable, long sleeved, light colored shirt…..sunglasses…sunscreen…gardening gloves + ??????

What’s missing?  You guessed it:  a protective hat.

At Green Things we have a selection of both men’s and women’s hats, many with broad brims, in Scala and other brand names.

Now you’re ready to start gardening with “hattitude!”

FYI:  Gardening School at Green Things

When:  Saturday, May 9

Time:  l0-11 a.m.

Subject:  Seasonal Information, Specifics TBA

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness.  If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love…Stevie Wonder


Barbara Russek is a local freelance writer who loves plants and flowers.  She welcomes comments at Babette2@comcast.net