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New Spring Flowers

Barbara’s Botanical Blog…Where Gardening Ideas Are Always in Bloom!

By Barbara Russek

March, 2015

Our new spring flowers will dazzle you with more color than a kaleidoscope!

Planting Season is About to Begin!  For your planting pleasure, we now have:

*Spring Veggies, including:

Tomatoes, peppers, squash and much more in 4-inch pots @$2.99 each

*Spring Flowers, including:

Cosmos, salvia, marigolds, vinca and more in 4-inch pots @ $1.49 or flats of l6 plants @$20.00 per flat

*Flowering Desert Perennials, including:

Black foot daisies, angelita daisies, gaura, buddleia, salvia greggii and much more @$5.99 per one-gallon plant

*Ornamental Pots of Color, including:

Geraniums in red, white, pink, etc. @ $5.99 per one-gallon container or $14.99 per 3-gallon container

Hydrangeas in blue, pink and white @$7.99 per 6-inch pot

Cyclamen  in red, white pink, purple @$5.99 per 4-inch pot

Vietnamese Glazed Pottery Will Enhance Your Spring Planting

And Planting Budget!

Two more semi-truckloads of Vietnamese glazed pottery are set to arrive at Green Things in mid-late March.

These indoor/outdoor beauties come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors all at 30-50% off, starting @ $3.99.

Sale          Sale          Sale          Sale          Sale          Sale          Sale           Sale          Sale          Sale          Sale

Add to your Spring Break with a Price Break at Green Things on cool season annuals in great condition at 50% off!

Mix and Match:

Petunias, pansies, snapdragons, alyssum, calendula, poppies and much more @75 cents per 4-inch pot (reg. $1.50) or $l2.00 for a flat of l6 4-inch pots, (reg. $24.00)

Hanging Baskets:

Will add a bright pop of color to any outdoor space.  $9.99, (reg. $14.99-$24.99)


Join us at Green Things Gardening School, Where Tuition is Free!

2nd Saturday of each month from l0:00-ll:00 a.m.


March l4-Butterflies & hummingbirds

Future classes to be announced

Special series of classes conducted by Jared R. McKinley well known local botanist with expertise in Sonoran desert horticulture, all at l0: a.m.


March 21-Experimenting with heirloom veggies

April 4-Learning the growing season for edible plants


Spring is Nature’s Way of Saying, “Let’s party!”….Robin Williams

(please add picture)Barbara Russek is a local freelance writer who loves plants and flowers.  She welcomes your comments@Babette2@comcast.net