Green Things Plant Nursery offers plants in almost every category.  We specialize in “color” products including annuals, geraniums, cyclamen, perennials, Proven Winners, and hanging baskets. We grow over 12000 flats of annuals right on our property each season. Vegetable starts and herbs are offered year round in good supply. Strawberries are available year round, as are a wide variety of herbs including Cilantro, Basil, Mints, Sage, Oregano, Marjoram, Dill, just to name a few! Other color crops include Cyclamen, Hydrangeas, Poinsettias and Geraniums. 


We are also known for houseplants, and we remain true to our tradition, offering everything from large Corn plants, Ficus and Dracaenas to the tiniest Ivies, African Violets and Kalanchoes.  Succulents are another specialty, sold predominantly in small 2”, 4” and 6” pots, but also in large sizes from 5 gallon Firesticks to 25 gallon 10 foot Aloes and Euphorbia Ingens.  Landscape Cactus, Agaves, Yuccas, Trees and Shrubs fill up over half of the property, with a focus on what survives easily in our harsh desert climate.  Citrus and Fruit Trees can be found in abundance at very reasonable prices and varieties.  Other specialties include Roses, Native Desert Perennials, Butterfly and Hummingbird plants, Vines, grasses and ground covers.


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