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Acres of Pottery

Green Things travels the world to bring you Southern Arizona’s largest collection of pottery.  Talavera from Central Mexico, Glazed styles from Vietnam, China and Malaysia, Terra Cotta from Italy and Greece, and Rustic Clay from Oaxaca, Baja, Jalisco and Michoacan – over two acres of pottery in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs for every taste.  Hose pots, bubbler fountains, statuary, and benches are available to complement your pots.  Potted container gardens are available in all sizes with Cacti, Succulents, grasses, shrubs, trees, houseplants for sunny or shady areas, indoor or out, in a myriad of styles – or design your own and let us work our magic to create something special for your garden!  Wander our pottery yard, guided by one of our pottery specialists to select that perfect pot for your personal space.  High fired glazes are hardy to our local weather extremes, Talavera will warm up your patio décor with its bright multicolor designs, Greek and Mexican clay neutrals will blend nicely with your Southwestern spaces.  Mix and match, go contemporary, stick with the traditional – whatever your preference we’ve got you covered!

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