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Our Plants

Trees & Shrubs

Trees, ground covers, vines and shrubs all adapted to the Sonoran desert.  Find trees up to 48″ box size, and desert plants from 1 gallon to 25 gallon.  Small to large, water-wise to lush, find your landscape inspiration with us!

Cactus & Succulents

Arid plants in all sizes shapes and sizes to fit your desert space.  Cactus, yuccas, agaves, aloes, euphorbia and many more, from hardy to slightly frost tender, and rare to landscape staples.

Annuals & Perennials

Hardy, colorful annuals for every season, grown at our Tucson facility.  Perennials for hanging baskets, container gardens, and shady to sun-filled locations.

House Plants

House plants are our legacy. Visit our 16,000sf tropical greenhouse and experience indoor botany at its best.  Find fruiting papaya and bananas, low light loving Dracaenas, Sanseveria and ZZ’s, and lush foliage like ferns, philodendrons, bromeliads, ficus and more.

Fruit Trees & Edibles

Citrus and stone fruit in varieties hardy to the desert’s minimal chilling hours.  Acclimated berries, herbs and veggies – a broad seasonal selection grown locally in our Tucson facilities.