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Our Pottery

Arizona’s largest selection of pottery in all sizes, colors, shapes and styles with two-plus acres of pottery from the U.S., Mexico, Italy, Greece, and Asia.

Asian Pottery

High-fired and able to withstand the extremes of our Arizona environment, find bright colors, neutrals, low bowls, window pots, statement pieces, contemporary or traditional designs – whatever your style you’ll find it here!

Terra Cotta

Italian-style, Greek from factories on Crete, Mexican from indigenous regions such as Michoacan, Oaxaca, Jalisco and northern Baja – find natural clay or minimally decorated from rustic to refined styles.


We import our Talavera to bring you Arzona’s largest selection of styles at great prices. From tiny pots, animals and figures to large tibors and vasos, see our huge and diverse inventory direct from the heart of Mexico.

Mexican Clay

Large and small rustic, natural clay pots, figures, crosses and chimeneas from Northern Baja, Oaxaca, Jalisco, and Michoacan.

Fountains & Bubblers

From stone and concrete to glazed and Talavera, and styles including self-contained, in ground, modern and traditional bring the soothing sound of our water features to your landscape, courtyard or patio with professional installation.

Statuary, Benches, Birdbaths & More

Enhance your outdoor living spaces with our garden and wall art, patio furniture, statuary, metal plants and animals and more. Custom trellises, arbors, and related products now available.