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Plant Guarantee & Return Policy

  • Plants that die due to incorrect care or negligence are NOT eligible for a refund and/or exchange.
  • Refunds given within 14 days of purchase; exchanges/store credit given within 30 days of purchase.
  • Refunds, exchanges, or store credit will ONLY be issued when the original sales receipt is provided.
  • A 10% re-stocking fee is subject to be applied on merchandise purchases over $50.00.
  • No returns for damaged or open dry goods.
  • Green Things employees are NOT authorized to ‘bargain’ on prices or give discounts on merchandise beyond the marked price. We strive to provide fair and competitive pricing on ALL merchandise!
  • Please verify your receipt at Point of Sale. Once a sale has been closed, NO further discounts will be given.
  • If an item’s price tag has been marked incorrectly, the cashier will inform the customer at the time of check-out. The customer will then have the option to purchase merchandise at the correct price.
  • Green Things employees ARE authorized to give discounts, refunds, exchanges, or store credit(s) ONLY according to the policies stated here. If you feel you have a situation that falls outside of these policies, please see a manager.
  • Whereas we do strive to announce all ‘sales’ in advance of marking items down in price, it is impossible to ensure that all customers hear of any upcoming ‘sales/markdowns.’ NO discounts will be given on items purchased prior to the start date of a ‘sale.’
  • Merchandise will be held for 24 hours at no charge upon customer request. After 24 hours, the customer will have the option to purchase held item(s) or they will be untagged.
  • Any merchandise purchased MUST be delivered/picked-up within 7 days of purchase. After 7 days, the customer will then be contacted for a refund and merchandise will be returned to the sales floor, unless previously approved by a manager.
  • Once plants or merchandise leave the store (if we are not delivering) Green Things is NOT responsible for any damage, disruption, or alteration of merchandise purchased prior to transport.
  • Any landscaper or ‘trade’ discounts cannot be offered to the public. Such professional discounts may ONLY be granted when the professional is present at time of purchase and pays using their own form of payment.
  • If any merchandise is damaged and/or broken on property, you WILL be held liable to pay for the merchandise affected.
  • Merchandise that is paid for & held will be stored in a secure location on the property. When picking up these items, customer must check in with the cashier.
  • Items held but not paid for will be tagged and left on the sales floor.
  • Receipt and copy of original Customer Order Form or signed invoice for “on account” customers must be presented when picking up paid “Held Items”. Otherwise, it will be assumed the item was held without payment.
  • Customers must verify receipt and resolve any questions or issues at time of purchase. (Exception for double rings due to cash register transmission problems backed up by customer credit card statement).