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Soil, Fertilizers & Amendments

Find your favorite brands in all sizes of bags and bales, including Happy Frog/Fox Farm, Pro*Mix, 420, Down Under, Fertilome and more.

Soil Size & Price List

A complete list of the soil we carry by bag size and price.

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Fertilizer Size & Price List

A complete list of the fertilizers we carry by bag or container size and price.

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Master Nursery & Bumper Crop

One of our most popular brands of soil and fertilizers, developed exclusively by gardening experts at “Master Nursery”, a co-op serving nurseries and garden centers nationwide.

Fox Farm Products

A popular brand, with a wide variety of soils targeting specific gardening and growing needs.

Down to Earth Products

Another popular brand of soil, fertilizers and amendments targeting specific gardening needs.


A wide selection of nutrient-rich options to enhance soil fertility, promoting healthy plant growth and vibrant gardens.


Beyond B1, we carry a wide variety of nutrient products to help solve various gardening challenges.

Pesticides - Organic & Inorganic

Products to fend off garden pests and protect your landscape and garden.

Citrus Support Products

Citrus needs a boost?  Give your citrus the strength they need to survive the harsh desert environment.