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April Gardening Tips


  • Spring annuals: Angelonia, begonia, celosia, coleus, dianthus, marigold, pentas, portulaca, salvia, vinca and zinnia.
  • Spring vegetables and herbs: Basil, cilantro, cucumber, dill, eggplant, melons, okra, parsley, pepper, pumpkin, squash, tomato.
  • Trees, shrubs and cactus.
  • Citrus, fruit and nut trees.
  • Re-pot patio and houseplants if necessary.


  • Spring flowers: Continue a regular fertilizing schedule with Happy Frog Fruit and Flower or Grow More Super Bloom.
  • Spring vegetables and herbs: Continue a regular fertilizing schedule with Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable or Down to Earth Vegetable Garden.
  • Trees and shrubs: Continue a regular fertilizing schedule with Happy Frog or Down to Earth All-Purpose Fertilizer.
  • Roses: Continue a regular feeding schedule with Grow More Magnum Rose or Happy Frog Fruit and Flower.
  • Deciduous fruit trees (apple, peach, plum etc.): New plants use Happy Frog All Purpose or Down to Earth Bio-Live. Established trees, once new leaves begin to appear, feed with Happy Frog Fruit and Flower or Down to Earth All Purpose.
  • Houseplants: Fertilize with a full strength feeding of Grow More Sea Grow.


  • Shrubs: Hand prune to shape or control size.
  • Citrus if needed.
  • Deadhead blooming plants as needed.
  • Prune cold damage from plants if needed.

Plan and Prep

  • Arrange for an arborist to prune any desert trees, if needed, before summer monsoons begin.


  • Watering: Observe your plants as the temperatures increase and be prepared to adjust your watering schedule.
  • Pests: As the weather warms keep an eye out for unwanted visitors. Spray them off with water or come see us for suggestions.
  • Weeds: Continue to pull weeds while they are small. You can also start applying Amaze Pre-Emergent.
  • Irrigation: Check for leaks and clogged emitters. Add more emitters, or upgrade existing, to accommodate growing plants.