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Favorite Fruit Trees for Tucson

Anna Apple

This is a favorite apple amongst gardeners. They are heavy producers, make fruit at a young age and ripen early (June-July) compared to other varieties. The fruit has a red blushed skin with a crisp, juicy creamy white flesh. The flavor is a nice balance of sweet and tart, most similar to a Gala Apple. The fruit is good for cooking or eating fresh. They are self-fruitful but can be planted with Dorset Gold or Ein Shemer for a larger crop. Our trees are on a semi-dwarfing root stock resulting in a 12-15ft mature tree. 200 chill hours.

All in One Almond

One of the easiest nut trees you can grow and the number one variety for home orchards. They are heavy producers of almonds with easy to open shells and sweet flavorful nuts inside. Hot summers are actually required for their nuts to ripen, typically in September. They are self-fertile but can be planted with a Nonpareil Almond for a larger crop. A natural semi dwarf that matures to a 15ft tree and needs 350 chill hours.

Black Mission Fig

One of our favorite figs. The Black Mission is the industry standard for flavor. Dark purple skin with a rich, strawberry colored flesh that is very sweet with notes of honey and berries. They are a type of Breba Fig, meaning they will produce two crops per year, a large crop around June and a smaller one around September. Trees mature to around 20ft tall and only need 100 chill hours.

Double Delight Nectarine

This is an under used variety of nectarine that everyone should know about. Large red skinned fruits with a sweet, rich yellow free stone flesh that ripen in July. A heavy bearing tree that is also a high scorer at taste test trials. On top of its delicious fruit it also puts on a fantastic show of double petal pink flowers. Trees mature to around 15ft and need 300 chill hours.

Fan Still Pear

Most European style pears have very high chill hours that are not attainable for most gardeners in the Tucson area, except for the Fan Stil Pear. It is a reliable producer of very sweet, medium, bell-shaped yellow fruits with crisp, juicy white flesh. Harvest times are usually around August-September. Our trees are on a semi-dwarfing root stock and mature to 12-15ft and only need 150 chill hours.

Katy Apricot

The gold standard of apricots for home gardens. In June you can harvest large freestone fruits that have a wonderful, intense, sweet, and slightly tart flavor when ripe (tree ripened fruit is less tart). A naturally smaller tree they will mature to approximately 15ft. Another self-fertile variety but can be planted with another apricot for a larger crop or use as a pollinator for Flavor Delight Apriums. 300 chill hours.

Red Baron Peach

This is an exquisite peach tree. It produces large, juicy, sweet, rich flavored yellow freestone fruits that can be eaten fresh or used for cooking, baking, or canning. They also but on a spectacular show of double petal dark pink blooms before they set mouthwatering fruits that harvests in May. Our trees are on a semi-dwarf root stock and will grow to about 15ft and only require 250 chill hours.

Santa Rosa Plum

This is the most popular plum variety for home orchards in California and Arizona. They are easy to grow, reliable and delicious. The fruit is rich, juicy, tangy and tart. Santa Rosa is self-fertile but will produce a larger crop when planted with another plum variety. You can also use Santa Rosa as a pollinator for the Flavor King Pluot. Our trees are on a semi-dwarf root stock and should mature to around 15ft and need 300 chill hours.

Wonderful Pomegranate

One of the most popular varieties of pomegranate. Wonderful is a heavy producer or large pomegranates. The fruit is prized for its rich, juicy red flesh and exquisite, sharp, tart flavor with underlying berry-like sweetness. They naturally grow as a large shrub but can be trimmed to a single trunk tree. Just remember that they will produce more fruit the more branches they have. Wonderful pomegranates grow to 10-18ft tall, are self-fertile and only need 150 chill hours.