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Fragrant Roses

Chrysler Imperial (Red Hybrid Tea Rose)

This is a classic rose with large, dark red, velvety blooms that emit a strong citrusy fragrance. Blossoms are held on long stems making them create for cut flowers.

Don Juan (Red Climbing Rose)

A proven performer in hot climates and one of the most fragrant, red climbing roses available. Large, dark red flowers have a strong fruity, tea scent.

Double Delight (Cream Blushing to Red Hybrid Tea Rose)

The color contrast of cream blending to red is matched only by the strong, spicy fragrance of this stunning rose.

Ebb Tide (Deep Purple Floribunda Rose)

This is one of our favorite purple roses. Incredibly dark, dusky, and smoky purple blooms with intense clove and citrus fragrance.

Fragrant Cloud (Deep Orange-Red Hybrid Tea Rose)

One of the most fragrant hybrid tea roses that we carry. Extra-large, deep coral orange blooms with a sweet and spicy clove aroma.

Julia Child (Yellow Floribunda Rose)

Sweet Licorice

An award-winning rose that consistently performs in our hot climate. Beautiful displays of full, double, butter-gold blooms that are perfumed with a sweet licorice-like scent.

Sheila’s Perfume (Yellow Blush to Pink Floribunda Rose)

The color combination on this rose is so stunning and cheerful. Multitudes of blooms produce an enchanting and intoxicating sweet, spicy rose fragrance.

Neptune (Lavender Hybrid Tea Rose)

Large, rich lavender blooms are kissed with purple on the petal tips and make a spectacular display on this vigorous rose. The fragrance is strong, sweet and spicy with notes of citrus.

Perfume Delight (Deep Pink Hybrid Tea Rose)

One of the most perfect pink roses we carry. The large blooms are great for cut flowers and radiate a strong Damask Rose scent.

Sugar Moon (White Hybrid Tea Rose)

Intense sweet citrus and rose.

Finally, an exquisite, pure white rose with an amazing fragrance. This relatively new addition to the rose word will enchant you with its sweet honey and citrus smell.