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July Gardening Tips

It’s Monsoon season! With such variable and sometimes destructive weather, we want to give you some helpful tips to get your garden through unscathed. Stake tall and top-heavy plants like sunflowers and young trees to keep them from falling or becoming damaged. If damage does occur, remove those limbs or sections with a sanitized pair of snips. This is not the time for heavy pruning so only do so if absolutely necessary! This is, however, a great time to clear out any late spring veggies that have stopped producing to make room for your Monsoon season and fall crops. As the rain benefits your garden plants, it also causes weeds to pop up. Keep an eye out for the invasive Stinknet trying to creep in. If you do find any, wear gloves to pull it out as it can cause skin irritation, and then dispose of it in a trash bag so that the seeds cannot spread.

If the rain lets us down, that doesn’t mean your garden won’t survive! Keep a close eye on your watering schedule – when it’s this hot some plants and containers may need to be watered twice a day. The best time to water is in the early morning while it’s still relatively cool. And if you need any help figuring out your ideal water schedule, then stop in or give us a call!