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Our Cactus

Ferocactus, Mammillaria, Echinocactus, Oreocereus, Opuntia – funny names for the spiny, prickly guys we share our desert environment with.  Columnar, globular, arborescent or other, find your shape from the myriad of cactus varieties available in our Shade House and East Retail sales areas.   From tiny to large specimens, rare or staple varieties, cold or sun hardy, frost tender, and everything in between, we have a growing selection of cacti.

Along with cacti, we carry a large selection of Euphorbias.  Euphorbia Ingens, Acurensis, Tirucalli, Trigona and more!  Did you know that the latin name for poinsettias is “Euphorbia Pulcherrima”?  Find a wide variety of hardy agave – Americana, Medio Picta Alba, Weberi, Murpheyi, the popular Parryi and Parryi Truncata, and more.  We also have a large selection of yuccas from Thompsoniana to Rostrata and Rigida.

Not all varieties are in stock at all times, so please call for availability.