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Plant Rental Agreement

Our Promise to You

  • Green Things will provide you with healthy and high quality plant material for your special event.
  • We promise to have your rental ready for pick-up on the pre-arranged date. If you decide you would like to pick up your rental at another time please contact your rental coordinator.
  • If you would like your items delivered and picked up our delivery coordinator will provide you with a window of time that the drivers will arrive within. We can also call when we are on our way if you would like.

Please take the time to read the following rental terms.

  • Plants will be returning in good and saleable condition. If plants are not returned, are damaged or unsalable the rentee will be responsible for the retail cost of the plant.
  • Prices are good for rentals up to 5 days. Plant rentals reserved for more than 5 days will be charged an extended stay fee of 50% of the rental subtotal for each additional week.
  • Return dates will be set before the rental period begins. If you need to extend your rental please contact your rental coordinator. If the change extends the rental period past 5 days then aforementioned fee of 50% of the rental subtotal per week will apply.
  • Delivery and pick up services do not include set-up or any plant staging.
  • If you do require assistance setting up plants please discuss with your rental coordinator prior to delivery so that time is allotted and labor costs billed.
  • Plants will be ready for pickup on the prearranged date, time and location.