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What’s Happening in Tropical

Whether it’s seeding flats for seasonal herbs and veggies, propagating cuttings for tropical plant starts and succulents, trimming ficus trees and rubber plants, or making a lush houseplant container garden come to life, there’s always something happening in our tropical greenhouse.  Come spend some time exploring our 16,000 square foot greenhouse loaded with unique and rare, as well as traditional staple houseplants.  Staghorn and Kimberly Queen ferns dangle from the cross bars, dracaenas, ficus lyrata, philodendrons, sanseveria and ZZ plants line the aisles, tables and benches are laden with polka dot plants, Norfolk pines, Dieffenbachia, button ferns, African Violets, Bromeliads, Spathiphyllum, and more.  Hanging racks are loaded with wandering jew, pothos, philodendron Brazil, String of Pearl, Swedish Ivy, Bridal Veil Plant, baby tears and all your other favorites!  Catch us in action watering and fertilizing, transplanting, cleaning, unboxing and all the other daily tasks the greenhouse crew undertakes.  In season, discover fruiting papaya and banana, even coffee, and of course our famous multicolored poinsettias during the Holidays!  Airplants spawn from dried cholla branches, carnivorous plants thrive.  Spend an hour or a day.  We can even provide rental plants for your wedding or other special event.  Ask for details!