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Spathiphyllum spp. (Peace Lily)

Spathiphyllum spp.
Peace Lily

Peace lilies are a classic plant for houses and offices due to their light needs. Indirect light is plenty for these plants - though they like to be kept fairly warm and will benefit from higher humidity. Water when the top inch of soil has dried out and never let it dry out completely. When properly cared for, the striking white blossoms set against dark green, glossy leaves can bloom twice a year to give you months of beautiful flowers.

Plant Type
Exposure Partial Shade, Indirect Sunlight
Water Needs Average
Hardiness Zone Zone 11 (40°F)
Flower Color White
Flower Season
Growth Rate Moderate
Height 12-48"
Spread 12-48"
Maintenance Low
Garden Uses House Plant
Soil Type
Soil PH Acid
Soil Drainage Moist but Well-Drained
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