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Ziziphus obtusifolia (Graythorn)

Ziziphus obtusifolia
Lotebush, Lotebrush, Lote, Gumdrop Tree, Texas buckthorn, Bluebush, Graythorn, Greythorn, Whitethorn, Chaparral, Chaparro Prieto, Abrojo, Clepe

Graythorn is native across a wide range of the Southwest, occurring from California east to Oklahoma and Texas, and south into Mexico. This durable landscape shrub grows slowly, forming a densely branched haven for birds and wildlife. The rigid branches are waxy, gray-green and tipped with spines. The flowers are insignificant, but blue-black berries produced in the summer provide some interest, as well as food for wildlife. Plant in full sun and well drained soils, Graythorn can handle reflected heat as well.

Plant Type Native, Perennial, Shrub
Exposure Full Sun, Partial Sun, Partial Shade
Water Needs Average
Hardiness Zone Zone 8 (10° F)
Flower Color White
Flower Season Spring, Summer
Growth Rate Moderate
Height 6 (ft)
Spread 8 (ft)
Characteristics Fruit & Berries
Attracts Birds, Wildlife
Maintenance Low
Garden Uses Banks and Slopes
Tolerance Dry Soil, Rocky Soil
Soil Type Chalk, Clay, Loam, Sand
Soil PH Acid, Alkaline, Neutral
Soil Drainage Well-Drained
Image by: Wiki Commons
Image by: Wiki Commons

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