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What's Growing Today?

Welcome to Green Things Plant Nursery!  Looking for plants, pottery, outdoor living products, gardening supplies?  Perhaps you are seeking ideas, inspiration, or information for your yard, patio, pool area or garden.  Look no further!  Green Things has you covered from Agaves to ZZ’s!  Suppliers of Cactus, Landscape Trees, Shrubs, Houseplants, Annuals, Perennials and more. Green Things is one of Tucson’s largest and most diverse plant nurseries.  Find your gardening home with friendly customer service, fair prices, quality products and services, and some of the best selection in Southern Arizona.  Stroll four acres of plants and 33 greenhouses to see everything from 2” Succulents to 10 foot tall palms and desert trees. LuxeTrichocereusHybrid Access us from the Rillito River Walk!!  Cyclists, runners, walkers, riders park your ride and join us!!  Get your questions answered by our helpful expert plant nursery staff, or participate in one of our weekly seminars for endless information about gardening in the Sonoran Desert!  Dig in and get the scoop on Herb and Veggie gardening, then head out to shop our extensive year-round supply of edibles grown naturally right in our greenhouses.  Shop our endless inventory of annuals, blooming perennials, vines, and shrubs to add splashes of color to your desert landscape.  Historically Southern Arizona’s largest houseplant nursery. Green Things carries everything from tiny dish garden plants to huge tropical trees!  Like the unique and unusual?  See carnivorous Pitcher Plants or Venus Fly Traps, Air Plants, all varieties of ferns and old favorites like Creeping Charlie, Spider Plants and more!  Have an upcoming wedding, event, conference or convention?  Consider our plant nursery’s Plant Rental Service.  Rent any number of large Palms, Ficus Trees, Dracaenas, Boston Ferns, or whatever suits your fancy!!  Let our expert designers set the stage with beautiful pottery and plants.  Have the urge to spice up your patio or outdoor living space?  Choose from disappearing fountains, metal art, benches, Bistro sets, and pottery in all styles, colors, and sizes!!   Our complimentary plant nursery design services will finish off your space with colorful annuals, tropical plants, cacti, perennials or shrubs. During the holidays, check out our Poinsettia Open House!  See the blast of color filling the greenhouses when the Poinettias, Christmas Cactus and Cyclamen come into full bloom - held annually right at our plant nursery facilities from Thanksgiving to Christmas!  In search of fundraising services for your sports team, church, or other organization?  Let our staff show you how  your funds can grow along with our high quality poinsettia crop! Green Things also offers products and services to the Trade.  Landscapers, interior designers, florists and related businesses in the Horticulture Industry. Take advantage of plants grown on site at our plant nursery facilities.  See our professional greenhouse growing staff in action throughout the year producing annuals, desert perennials, hanging baskets, cactus propagation, houseplants and more!