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Bromeliaceae genera (Bromeliad)

Bromeliaceae genera

Bromeliads will give and tropical feel to any home. They are largely easier to care for, but need their requirements met constantly in order to bloom, and they will only bloom once. Keep out of direct sunlight and away from cold drafts. You may also need a humidifier to keep them at their preferred moisture levels. But a little set up work is well worth it for these unique and exotic looking plants that bring a bit of the jungle into your home!

Plant Type
Exposure Shade, Indirect Sunlight
Water Needs Average
Hardiness Zone Zone 10 (30°F)
Flower Color Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Orange
Flower Season
Growth Rate Slow
Height Varies by genera and species
Spread Varies by genera and species
Characteristics Showy
Maintenance Average
Garden Uses House Plant
Soil Type
Soil PH Acid
Soil Drainage Well-Drained
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