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Saintpaulia Ionantha (African Violet)

Saintpaulia Ionantha
African Violet

African violets are noted for their bright blooms in many colors and fuzzy leaves. They need consistent light to stay blooming. They thrive in bright humid environments. Take care not to splash water on their leaves as they can discolor. Once the bloom is spent dead head the old flower to promote new blooms.

Plant Type
Exposure Indirect Sunlight
Water Needs Average
Hardiness Zone Zone 12 (50°F-60°F)
Flower Color Red, Purple, White, Pink, Blue, Burgundy, Lavender
Flower Season
Growth Rate
Height 8"
Spread 16"
Characteristics Evergreen
Maintenance Average
Garden Uses House Plant
Soil Type
Soil PH
Soil Drainage
Image by: wikipedia

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