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Gardening Tips

April Gardening Tips

Plant, Fertilize, Prune, Plan & Prep!

Planting and Watering Guide

Thank you for supporting your local nursery! This guide is intended to help you get your new plants off to a great start.

Our Favorite Cactus Flowers

April is typically when we begin to see cactus blooming in Tucson. Come check out some of our most spectacular bloomers.

March Gardening Tips

By early March the chance of frost drops to less than 30%. It’s time to start digging into spring! If you have any questions about…

Fragrant Roses

March is here and it’s a great time to plant roses. Not only is the weather perfect but it is also when we get to…

Favorite Fruit Trees for Tucson

Even though we live in the Sonoran Desert there are many varieties of fruit trees, besides citrus, that we can easily grow! Here are some…

February Gardening in Tucson

It’s February and even though it’s still a little chilly spring is on the horizon! If you didn’t get through your January checklist there is…

Best Cold Hardy Plants for our Desert

This is a collection of plants that are not only cold hardy but low maintenance and have pretty amazing blooms! Within the selection is also…

Rose Pruning

January or February is the best time to prune your roses. It might seem daunting if you’ve never pruned roses before but it’s not very…

January Gardening in Tucson

January is one of the coldest months in Tucson but there is still plenty to do in the garden. And even though most plants are…